Proceed Services
Changing Business Landscape

  • Comprehensive Tenancy Management System for Commercial & Residential Properties
  • Complete Profile of All Tenants and Residents
  • Electronic Billing Services for All types of Transaction
  • Electronic Bill Presentment Services
  • Electronic Payment Services via MyClear Direct Debit
  • Cheques & Credit Cards Payments Method Supported
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation for Payments
  • Reminders and Notification/Messaging & Enforcement Services by Property Managers
  • Portal with Powerful Interactive Tool for Tenants to Communicate with Property Managers
  • Basic Sales & Marketing Tool for Property Managers
  • Multi-Lingual-Language Support
  • DashBoard Style of Reporting for the Business

Comprehensive Tenancy Management System to manage tenancy or lease for Commercial and Residential properties as well all other associated facilities.

The Business Model is based on What You Pay is What You Get. Define and Choose a Service Level Agreement you wish to offer for your Business at a Fraction of Cost.

Customers/Property Managers/LandLords can now subscribe for the following services at a very low rate based on monthly subscription model without having to worry about license, hardware, maintenance, IT department and support etc ;

A Hosted or Cloud Services Model Design & Built on a State-of-the-Art Web Technology